Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Biosensis Alzheimer's/Parkinson's Research Reagents - MOAB-2 antibody

Unprecedented features, unparalleled staining & clarity

Biosensis is pleased to offer the monoclonal MOAB-2 (Catalogue No: M-1586-100); A new pan-specific, high-titer antibody to Aβ residues 1-4 provides unparalleled staining clarity, stronger reactivity and greater sensitivity than any other Aβ monoclonal previously available for research.

Below Images: MOAB-2 staining of senile plaque in human Alzheimer's diseased hippocampus formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues with heat-induced antigen retrieval. Note the depth of clarity and lack of neuronal involvement.

MOAB-2 Image 2
MOAB-2 Image 1
MOAB-2 Staining
MOAB-2 Staining
1 month
4 month
(1 month)
(4 month)

Discriminates between APP and true intraneuronal Aβ in all its forms

Above Images: MOAB-2 detection of intraneuronal Aβ and extracellular plaques in 5xFAD mouse brain tissues. Immunofluorescent detection of Aβ with MOAB-2 in the subiculum of 1, 2 and 4 month old 5xFAD mice. Aβ accumulates extracellularly as the disease progresses making MOAB-2 the ideal reagent for studying both intraneuronal Aβ at early stages and extracellular Aβ at late stages seamlessly.

Does not cross react with APP or APP C-terminal fragments   

Unlike other monoclonals such as 6E10 and 4G8, MOAB-2 does not cross react with APP or APP C-terminal fragments, which allows isolation and localization of Aβ protein from APP. 

MOAB-2 preferentially detects pathogenic Aβ42 over Aβ40   

In dot blots, MOAB-2 recognizes all forms (unaggregated, oligometric, and fibrillar) of Aβ 42 protein and the unaggregated form of AB40. MOAB-2 is selective for the more neurotoxic Aβ42 compared to Aβ40. In titration tests, MOAB-2 demonstrated a 25 fold greater sensitivity of detection for the U-, O- and F-Aβ42 forms than for Aβ40, demonstrating it is a superb reagent for focusing in on the localization and function of Aβ42.

Where can I find more information about Biosensis?

Visit the manufacturer page at, email or call +44 (0) 1638 782600.

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