Monday, April 22, 2013

Neuropeptide and Neurotransmitter Primary Antibodies

Neurochemicals, e.g. biogenic amines and neuropeptides, play an important role in controlling and modulating nervous function in all organisms. For their detection, Jena Bioscience offers a fine selection of Primary Antibodies to be used in Immunocytochemistry and ELISA that are:

  • from rabbit, polyclonal
  • supplied as serum, preserved in glycerol
  • tested for cross-reactivity

Figure 1: Immunostaining of the central body of Periplaneta americana with anti-A AST (Cy2) and anti-CCAP (Cy3)

Product Cat. No. Amount
anti-PML ABD-030 50 µl
anti-Sp100 ABD-031 50 µl
anti-Proctolin ABD-032 100 µl
anti-Crustacean Cardioactive Peptide
ABD-033 100 µl
ABD-037 100 µl
anti-Perisulfakinin Receptor
ABD-038 100 µl
anti-Lom-TK 1
anti-Locusta-Tachykinin 1
ABD-044 100 µl
anti-Lom-TK 2
anti-Locusta-Tachykinin 2
ABD-045 100 µl
anti-Head-Peptide ABD-058 20 µl
ABD-059 100 µl
anti-Periplaneta Americana Igloo L 1-75
ABD-060 100 µl
ABD-062 100 µl
anti-AKH I
anti-Adipokinetic Hormone I
ABD-063 100 µl
ABD-065 100 µl
mouse, monoclonal
ABD-029 10 µl

[1] Loesel et al. (2011) Neuroarchitecture of the arcuate body in the brain of the spider Cupiennius salei (Araneae, Chelicerata) revealed by allatostatin-, proctolin-, and CCAP-immunocytochemistry and its evolutionary implications. Arthropod Struct Dev. 40:210.
[2] Polanska et al. (2012) Neuropeptide complexity in the crustacean central olfactory pathway: immunolocalization of A-type allatostatins and RFamide-like peptides in the brain of a terrestrial hermit crab. Mol Brain. 5:29.
[3] Rigby et al. (2011) Roles of biogenic amines in regulating bioluminescence in the Australian glowworm Arachnocampa flava. The Journal of Experimental Biology 214:3286.

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