Thursday, May 9, 2013

Protein Solubility Screening Kit OptiSol 200

OptiSol Protein Solubility Kits help researchers identify formulations that protect target protein from aggregation, or to solubilize an aggregated protein sample.

  • Quickly evaluate aggregation behavior as a function of pH, salt and additives
  • Assay more than 90 different conditions in parallel and label-free
  • Simple mix and spin protocol, no ultracentrifugation required
  • Opportunity to rescue reversibly aggregated protein samples
  • Protect your protein from aggregation under stress*
  • Quickly find trends with the Protein Dashboard

Proteins aggregate. This undesired process is often caused by elevated temperature, vigorous stirring, addition of ligands or molecular binding partners or just by mere storage of a protein sample over a period of time. Protein aggregation can often be avoided with proper choice of pH, salt or stabilizing additives. This OptiSol Protein Solubilization Screening Kit contains a systematically varied array of buffers (from pH 3 to pH 10) and a series of solubility enhancers (salts, amino acids, sugars, polyols, reducing reagents) that enable the determination of conditions under which a particular protein sample is protected from aggregation or can be de-aggregated. A total of 90 different formulations with solubility enhancers can be tested in one single, label-free experiment; the remaining 6 experiments are positive and negative control experiments.

Soluble proteins pass filters, aggregated proteins don’t. This simple feature is exploited to in the filtration step. The wells that contain soluble proteins will yield protein after the filtration process; those with protein aggregates will not contain any protein.

After running the Protein Solubilization Kit you have established conditions that keep your protein target in solution and you know conditions at which your protein aggregates. Then choose conditions to obtain a “well behaved protein”.

  • Better and faster than a conventional trial-and-error testing (less than 1 h)
  • Low protein consumption consumes less than 10 uL for each protein solubility data point. The protein quantity needs to be matched with your target detection assay
  • Convenient: get a lot of information on protein solubilization in one go. Utilize the target specific assay of your own choice. The OptiSol Protein Solubility Screening kit is compatible with many functional assays, SDS-PAGE, Western blot, mass spectrometry and fluorescence-based protein detection.

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