Monday, October 21, 2013

Innovative Plate Assay Solutions

The mission of Signosis is to become a worldwide provider with a broad spectrum of high sensitivity, cost-effective, fast, assay products to target biomarkers with emphasis in a number of diseases including cancers, diabetes/obesity and cardiovascular diseases.


Cytokine Analysis
- Cytokine ELISA Plate Array
- Human, Mouse and Rat Cytokine ELISA Strips
- Beta Actin, Human, Mouse and Rat Cytokine ELISA Kits

Transcription Factor Assays
- TF Activation Profiling Plate Arrays
- Promoter-Binding TF Profiling Array
- TF Filter Plate Assays
- EMSA (Electrophoretic Mobility Shift Assay) Kits
- Luciferase Reporter Vectors

Cell Lines and Frozen Cells
- Luciferase Reporter and overexpression Stable Cell Lines
- Transfected Frozen Cells
- Cell Arrays

miRNA Research
- miRNA Arrays
- miRNA Northern Blot Assay kits
- miRNA Luciferase Reporter Vectors
- miRNA Real-Time PCR
- miRNA/siRNA and direct Hybridisation Plate Assays

Gene Expression Analysis
- Muitiplex PCR Kits
- Single Cell Gene Expression Analysis
- cDNA Plate Arrays from RNA
- cDNA Plate Arrays from Cell Lysates
- esiRNA

Protein Interaction Analysis
- Signalling Protein Assays
- Co-IP Kits
- Myc Tagged Expression Vectors

Biomarker Analysis
- Beta Actin, Autoimmune, Tumour and Cardiac ELISA Kits

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