Friday, October 18, 2013

Product Focus: 5-Azide-UTP: A novel approach for in vitro transcription-based RNA probe Labeling

The novel 5-UTP-Azidefrom Jena Bioscience provides a superior two-step approach for in vitro transcription-mediated RNA labeling based on Copper-free Click Chemistry.
It is available as a single nucleotide & as an optimized labeling kit and suitable for
  • preparation of non-radioactively labeled RNA probes (up to 1400 bp tested) (Fig. 1)
  • 3′-Azide-Labeling of T7 promotor-containing oligonucleotides[1,2]

Figure 1: An optimal balance between transcription efficiency and labeling density (2-3 dyes per 100 bp) is achieved with 25 – 50 % 5-Azide-UTP. Azide-functionalized RNA was prepared by T7 RNA pol-mediated in vitro transcription with increasing 5-Azide-UTP concentrations (0 – 100 %, 200 ng of a 1423 bp DNA template, 1 h, 37°C), purified and subsequently labeled with DBCO-Sulfo-Cy3 via Copper-free Click Chemistry. Transcripts were analyzed by gel electrophoresis: A) Cy3-labeled RNA without EtBr (Cy3-signal, labeling density) and B) RNA prior to labeling in the presence of EtBr (EtBr-signal, transcription efficiency). L= ladder marker.

Where can I find more information about AAT Bioquest?

Visit the manufacturer page at, email or call +44 (0) 1638 782600.
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