Friday, October 18, 2013

Recombinant Human TF and Matrix Proteins

LD Biopharma specialise in the production of human recombinant proteins. Their core technology has involved the development of a unique temperature shift/matrix buffer based E. coli inclusion body refolding

Gene transcription, regulation and the microenvironments surrounding extracellular matrix proteins play an  important role in all living cells; enabling them to respond to diverse external stimuli and to coordinate their inherent cellular programs. By engineering human transcription factor (TF) proteins tagged with a cell membrane penetration domain (CPD), such as 11 arginine (11R tag), LD Biopharma are able to deliver them  directly into cells by simply introducing them into culture medium. They can also be efficiently delivered intracellularly using a cationic lipid-mediated system, such as their ProFectin reagent (Catalogue No. R-2000).

Systematically engineering human matrix proteins using refolding technology has allowed them to develop a comprehensive coating/culture system to potentially control stem cell differentiation and many cell lineages in vitro and even in vivo.

Currently, LD Biopharma has more than 325 human cell-type specific recombinant transcription factor targets under production.

Their recombinant human matrix protein family includes typical matrix proteins, such as vitronectin, E-Cadherin, collagens, lectin proteins, CD and receptor extracellular domains.

Current Product Selection
  • Native or 11R tagged recombinant human TF proteins.
  • Recombinant Matrix Proteins
  • Biomarker Proteins
  • Key Enzymatic Proteins
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