Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Product Focus: XPack™ Technology – Engineer Exosome Protein Cargo for Delivery and Tracking

Exosome Protein Loading

  • Pack reporter proteins to track cargo
  • Make biotherapeutic exosomes
  • Generate bioluminescent exosomes
  • Create stable cell lines loading desired protein cargo

Exosomes are secreted nanoshuttles that facilitate communication between cells and organs and are found in various biofluids including blood, urine, amniotic fluid, breast milk, malignant ascites fluid, and cerebrospinal fluid. Their natural function as cell to cell communication vehicles makes them attractive for use as therapeutic shuttles to deliver biological molecules or drugs to target disease cells.

The XPack technology allows for cell-mediated generation of ready to use exosomes packed with any protein of choice. These exosomes can then be used to efficiently deliver proteins to target cells to alter or supplement biological pathways or be used to study exosome trafficking in vivo.
SBI has optimized a specific peptide sequence that targets a protein to the interior exosomal membrane, allowing the fusion protein to be packaged into exosomes for secretion. This “XPack” peptide sequence has been incorporated into the XPack cloning and expression lentivectors, allowing for reporter proteins or any protein of interest to be loaded into exosomes within a producer cell line. These engineered exosomes can then be isolated and delivered to target recipient cells. Additionally, stable XPack cell lines have been generated that serve as a constant source of exosomes loaded with reporter protein cargo, enabling tracking of exosome dynamics in both human cells and in vivo murine models. Purified, ready to use exosomes from these stable cell lines are also available as part of the comprehensive XPack system.

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