Thursday, June 4, 2015

Product Focus: Screening – Thermofluor Screens

The Thermofluor Screens JBS FUNDAMENT and JBS SPECIFIC allow identification of protein-stabilizing buffer conditions which is pivotal for protein purification, characterization and crystallization.
Undesired overlay of screening of interdependent variables is prevented by strictly categorizing stability screening of proteins into
  1. FUNDAMENTAL factors that influence the whole protein molecule (pH and ionic strength)
  2. SPECIFIC factors that affect energetically important hot spots on the protein (substrates and their analogs, cations, anions, …)


The protein’s melting temperature (Tm) is used as reporter for protein stability and determined by a thermal shift assay (96-well plate format) monitoring the unfolding of a protein in a temperature-dependent manner. The higher the Tm, the higher is the thermostability of the protein in that specific environment.


Product Cat. No. Amount

JBS FUNDAMENT Thermofluor Screen CS-330-JEN 1 Kit

JBS SPECIFIC Thermofluor Screen CS-331-JEN 1 Kit


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  • Reinhard et al. (2013) Optimization of protein buffer cocktails using Thermofluor. Acta Cryst. F69:209.
  • Niesen et al. (2007) The use of differential scanning fluorimetry to detect ligand interactions that promote protein stability. Nat. Protoc.2(9):2212.

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